Would you recommend attending Rockwood Summit High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Rockwood Summit High School, Class of 2016

We have awesome administrators, teachers, support staff, great parent support, and a community that provides us with phenomenal resources. I recommend that anyone who wants to attend Summit get involved in at least one activity, because we have so many clubs, causes, sports, and volunteer opportunities that everyone can feel included.

Anonymous, Parent of student at Rockwood Summit High School

Yes I would. We actually moved here from Dupo, Illinois back in 2012. We moved to Fenton, MO specifically for the Rockwood School District. They offer so many things to get these kids involved so they will not be out on the street and that for us as parents is what we want our children to do. Get involved!!! The more they are involved in the less time they have on their hands. Keeping kids busy and enjoying the things they love to do. I have seen how the community comes together to help out with things for our your teens and love every part of it.

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