What is a typical Alexander W Dreyfoos Junior School of the Arts student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Alexander W Dreyfoos Junior School of the Arts.


Brian Ross, Parent/Volunteer

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The answer is in the question: They're A-Typical. The majority of students audition in to their art from thousands of applicants around the county. A handful are taken. That already makes them different as the school district watered down magnet schools with the lottery system. Most are great students. The school ranks within the top 60 of more than 100,000 public schools on the Newsweek/Daily Beast and US News polls. They're interesting, and very cool. They march to the tune of their own drummer. There aren't fights. There isn't a lot of the usual high school hassle. It is really an amazing place, and it's because the students there are just a-typical, amazing people.

Anonymous, Student, Alexander W Dreyfoos Junior School of the Arts, Class of 2016

The typical Dreyfoos student is open and accepting of all people; Dreyfoos is praised for its acceptance of the LGBT community.

Anonymous, Student, Alexander W Dreyfoos Junior School of the Arts, Class of 2016

Literally anyone will fit in. All the kids come from all over the county. Transportation includes cars, bikes, trains, and walking. This is seriously such a welcoming school. Blue hair? Cool. Gay? Cool. Glasses? Cool. Athlete? Cool. Bookworm? Cool. Everyone will find people with common interests, especially in each major. People interested in the arts should attend DSOA. Visual Arts, Digital Media, Dance Arts, Communication Arts, Music (including vocal, band, and keyboard), Theatre. There's someting for everyone.

Anonymous, Student, Alexander W Dreyfoos Junior School of the Arts, Class of 2016

A typical Dreyfoos student is incredibly expressive, dedicated and grateful. We appreciate the opportunities that are given to us, and we relate our art form to everything we do- including academic classes. As a whole, students at Dreyfoos are very competitive in all aspects- we thrive off of a good challenge. A normal student takes the time and effort to do things the right way, so If you're willing to spend nights studying, doing your homework, working on a project, or are really dedicated to what you love, you should be a student at Dreyfoos. ) The photo I included here is a photo of a strings major playing in Dreyfoos' Prism concert, which takes place every winter annually. People who are in the concert practice after school for weeks every day to prepare.

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