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What is your tuition for an infant?

I currently am pregnant and not due until April, but I want to get a jump start on possible daycares.


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Being a parent is quite an expensive thing in any way. And it starts even earlier, while you are pregnant basically because you need to spend a decent amout of money to solve all the health-related problems that appear while you are pregnant. For example a lot of women just can't sleep normally and in such case you just need to buy a special pregnancy pillow. Btw, if you haven't heard about such pillows before, you really need to visit .

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Just looked for what the prices are and it isn't easy to afford. But it looks like the service is good enough not to care about the financial aspect.

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To find out the tuition for Linda's Childcare, try calling it directly at (608) 742-8340.

To learn more about preschools in general, check out this page. Best of luck finding the right school for you!

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