What is a typical Prairie High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Prairie High School.


Anonymous, Student, Prairie High School, Class of 2016

As a new student at Prairie myself, coming in as a Junior and now entering as a Senior, I was extremely nervous about a new school, but the atmosphere of this campus is so inviting and accepting, I made new friends in a heartbeat. The Prairie student body is comprised of so many unique individuals that I could not narrow any one person down to just a single personality type. This shows throughout all of the clubs our school has to offer such as Gamers club, Christians club, Rap and Beatboxing, and so much more. One club in particular that I believe stands out this school from others is our GSA or Gay-Straight Alliance. We have many students of the LGBTQ community involved on our campus and this extracurricular helps create an accepting and confident school environment. There is a place for every student and the amazing thing is that no matter what grade or activity you are interested in, you are a part of our Falcon family and we struggle and accomplish together.

Anonymous, Student, Prairie High School, Class of 2016

Anyone should attend Prairie High School. We are the most accepting students one will find in the nation. No matter one's background, nor personal identity will hinder one's experience here at Prairie. We have an excellent ESL program for those freshly moved to America, and an awesome foreign exchange program which accepts students from Germany, Spain, Mexico, and more. Lastly we even have our own LGSA program so all feel welcome. Discrimination is not in our vocabulary here at Prairie:)

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