What is a typical Baldwin High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Baldwin High School.


Anonymous, Student, Baldwin High School, Class of 2016

We have all types of students. Most students are involved in some type of sport or organization. Our school offers a great list of electives as well. So if you are into art, they offer a few different art and design electives. You can take music, metal, shop, cooking, different types of gym. They also offer AP classes as well as college prep and then core classes.

Anonymous, Student, Baldwin High School, Class of 2016

The typical student at Baldwin is athletic. Most of the students are athletic not all academically motivated but we all get along and strive to be the best. Many of our athletes participate in more than one sport, many take part in two or even three. Any person could and should attend Baldwin High School. How school is very diverse, not in ethnicity, but in political view points, religious and views on society as a whole. Baldwin High School is a great environment for education. Teachers care and our classes are not to big and you do not feel like you get lost in the crowd. Our school is small enough where everyone knows everyone and many students show there school pride and support other clubs, sports and each other. I would recommend Baldwin for anyone. We have a sense of family here, and bout school is a happy and safe place to learn.

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