Would you recommend attending Holy Names Academy if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Holy Names Academy, Class of 2017

Yes, I would certainly recommend attending Holy Names! At first, I was skeptical of how I would like the "all-girls" environment, but after my first week at HNA, I knew I was in the right spot. Girls who choose to attend HNA will be welcomed into a loving environment where all girls are encouraged to freely express themselves with no setbacks. Unlike in a typical coed school, girls won't have to face the social pressures of being the most popular girl in school or having the most friends, because at HNA, each girl obtains her own unique profile that is accepted by all students and faculty members. Another reason that I would recommend HNA is because the teachers are not only there to put loads of work on you-- they are there to help you through the work. The teachers challenge each of their students to think outside the box and propose new ideas that will help them solve each problem. I think one thing that stands out to me the most is when a teacher goes out of their way to ensure the success of a student. For example, my English teacher comes in at least an hour early before school and stays an hour after school in order to meet with her students and discuss their essays (when essays are assigned). To me, she exemplifies a teacher who is flexible, understanding, and ultimately supportive to the growth of her students. I would also recommend HNA to any prospective students because the athletics program is amazing. Many of our teams are high competitors in league and state tournaments; for example, the varsity volleyball team (which I am part of) placed 5th in the Washington state tournament. Cross country has won state several years so has our soccer program. Many friendships are made between teammates and coaches; I consider my volleyball team my second family. In general, the community at HNA is like a family-- everyone cares for each other and push each other to become something great in life. Because of this aroma at school, countless successes in future careers have been due to a strong foundation at HNA.

Anonymous, Student, Holy Names Academy, Class of 2017

I strongly recommend Holy Names Academy because they academically get students ready for college, the all-girls environment encourages young women to achieve any goals and succeed in life, and become rich in their faith.

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