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What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Babson College?


Anonymous, Student, Babson College, Class of 2018

Attend school events, such as concerts, art performances, and guest speaker events. Start their own ventures with a team. Explore the world outside of Babson by trying new foods, learning new languages, and learning about history

Anonymous, Student, Babson College, Class of 2017

  1. People at Babson enjoy engaging in festive activities, such as parties or mixers, preferably if they are themed. It is very important for students to mix with members of other organizations and clubs.
  2. People enjoy watching shows, preferably on Netflix such as House of Cards or Scandal
  3. Students enjoy eating food and hanging out with friends.
Anonymous, Student, Babson College, Class of 2018

One of Babson student's favorite things to do is to learn. At Babson, students value their educational quality and what experience they gain from the classroom over what GPA they will receive. Another thing Babson students like to do is to build a sense of community. Babson is a very small school, which allows every student to get to know each other very well and learn from each other. Lastly, Babson students love to innovate. As a business school, students are very much involved in participating in new start ups, creating new businesses, and finding new methods of simplifying everyday life.

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