What is a typical Northwest High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Northwest High School.


Anonymous, Student, Northwest High School, Class of 2017

Picture walking through a beautiful new entrance and into the commons where students are all engaging in conversation with peers, getting last minute homework done, and even making lunch plans for that afternoon. There are all kinds of people to talk to and learn from everyday. Students navigate the traffic of the hallways to get to their morning classes while teachers stand in their doorways looking over us. We all count down till lunch time however, if you're lucky enough to be an upperclassmen you get open lunch. Open lunch is a privilege only given to juniors and seniors which allows us to leave campus for forty minutes. My friends and I meet up at fast food places nearby to catch a quick snack before returning to school for our afternoon classes, once again trying to get through crowds of students. The last hour of the day is what Northwest calls Advocacy. This is where we get a great opportunity to get tutoring and mentoring from our educators. Northwest is a great place for people of all different kinds. There are many things to get involved in depending on your interests. We are an overall accepting bunch of kids who follow by the school motto; pride, respect, and excellence.

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