What is a typical East Canton High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend East Canton High School.


Anonymous, Student, East Canton High School, Class of 2016

Motivated, active, productive, clever, close-knit, spirited - these are all descriptions of the typical high school student. Coming from farm country and a small town, everyone is acquainted with each other. The students here at East Canton High school are genuinely friendly to anyone and everyone they meet. They are hard working students inside and outside of school. Most students work on their family farm, go to work, babysit, help out at school, or are involved in an extracurricular activity at school. When they aren't busy with extracurriculars, students go an support each other at sporting events and peformances, dressing crazy to create a spirited environment. Anyone can attend East Canton. You should be aware however, that compared to larger schools, you will see your classmates and teachers everywhere. There will be half the town (including some devote teachers) at a basketball game or choir concert. There's no running from the love and warmth of a small town Mayberry.

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