What is a typical New Brighton Area High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend New Brighton Area High School.


Anonymous, Student, New Brighton Area High School, Class of 2018

A typical New Brighton Area High School student is usually pretty average. We have a lot who do many activities like sports and clubs. They are very active in the school. The type of people who should attend this school should probably have lots of school spirit. Really any type of person can attend because the school is diverse.

Anonymous, Student, New Brighton Area High School, Class of 2015

I suppose a "typical" New Brighton High School Student would be someone like me. Mostly, I get along with everybody... Because everybody gets along with each other! I'm a high honors student with a great group of "typical" New Brighton High School students as friends. When I walk down the halls, I see boys and girls holding hands, carrying 15 pounds of books, talking by the lockers, but I never see any form of bullying. The type of person who shouldn't attend my school is the type of person who is lazy and spiteful, because that's not what we're about. Everybody seems to get along. If someone drops their books in the hallway, a sea of helping hands will be there in a moments notice. If a new student is lost, a handful of volunteers will be there to help her find her way. I've seen so many friendships built, and never any destroyed. My school is not perfect by any meaning of the word, but we are special in that we all know each other, and we are all willing to help. I see students hunched over text books in the library and at lunch, worrying about their final exams. I see pencils flying in the middle of a lecture while the teacher is turned around, and I see endless amounts of determination walking down the hallway, scuffing the floor with their dirty Track&Field shoes.

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