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What is your student/teacher ratio?


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Add these points to low pay, expensive standardized tests to become a teacher, constant evaluations, threats by kids and parents, cellphones and spinners...I know why these teachers left.

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Quite a few of my students were only in school because a court ordered them to be as part of their adjudication after they'd committed a crime or after the local social services agency threatened the parents. They didn't want to be there and I didn't want them there either. It was heartbreaking to see students who really wanted an education to do my physics homework for me held back by other students who constantly disrupted class. It takes only one disruptive student to wreak total havoc and many classes have more than one.

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Banner Preschool has slightly different teacher/student ratios for each of its classrooms. You can view a complete list of tuition, scheduling and teacher/student ratios on the school's programs page. Every classroom has at least two teachers. Most of them have one "floater" or assistant. The two year-old classroom has the closest ratio of students to teachers with three teachers and one floater to teach sixteen children. The five year-old, or kindergarten class, has the lowest ratio with two teachers for fourteen students.

For more specific questions and answers, feel free to call Banner Preschool at 1-847-251-3955. Best of luck!

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