Describe the type of student who should attend Stevenson University. Why?



Stevenson University is a perfect fit for someone who likes to get involved with their community. The university allows young and bright students to grow in their interests, strengthen their hobbies, and improve society through social change.


The best student for Stevenson University should be very studious and career driven. Stevenson fosters learning that has an occupational end goal, so every student should be prepared to work towards their career. Stevenson also strives for excellence, so every student should want to excel in their field and in everything they do.


The type of student that should attend Stevenson University is someone looking for a smaller population, tight knit campus, and wants a great education as well as A LOT of campus activities. If you get involved, you'll never be bored. Stevenson calls for students who want to design their career and become successful after gaining a degree (and actually use it!).

Anonymous, Student, Stevenson University, Class of 2019

A student that wants to branch out. A student that wants to meet new people, get involved, and be apart of the community. At Stevenson, we are known for all of our clubs and organizations offered on campus. Everyone and anyone is very welcoming. We do not discriminate anyone or anything. A student should attend Stevenson if they want to be apart of a smaller community. Here at Stevenson, there is less than 4,000 undergraduate students.

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