Which 3 extracurricular activities at Shadow Ridge High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Shadow Ridge High School, Class of 2015

In our high school community there are various sorts of extracurricular activities for students to become involved in to form a tightly nit community. However someone the most known groups around the campus are the Yearbook RIOT students doing their very best to capture each memorable moment and dedicating much of their time to make each book they produce something truly special, then there's the students involved n our architectural program creating 3D models of building, houses, and many more and then bringing them to life even one of the freshmen in our high school passed a rigorous test to become a licensed architect, and then our student body who fill our high school career with as many spectacular events as they possibly can from dances to assemblies, each week is packed with many exciting events. These our the three extracurricular activities I would recommend to anyone joining our school

Anonymous, Student, Shadow Ridge High School, Class of 2016

The three most popular extracurricular activities are Student Council, Key Club, and Yearbook Club. Student Council is the most popular club/extra curricular activity to join because it allows students the chance to be able to make several new friends as well as help plan for future school events such as school dances and pep assemblies. Along with this, as a Student Council member, you are expected to dress up for all spirit week days, attend all school events/activities, as well as be at all school pep assemblies. I personally recommend joining Student Council because I myself am a Student Council member and I consider it to be the most fun club to join as being a member of this club creates wonderful memories with friends and moments you will never forget. Although I only joined this year, I have been loving the experience so far and I regret not joining before such as in my Sophomore or Junior Year. The next most popular club is the Key Club. In Key Club, you get an opportunity along with your fellow Key Club members to really make a change in the world and make it an overall better place by volunteering and participating in acts of community service. Activities in Key Club include participating in fund-raisers for blood drives, cleaning up parks, collecting clothing, organizing food drives, collecting food to feed at homeless shelters and retirement homes, and much more. I also just joined this club this year but I highly recommend joining Key Club as you really make a difference by helping out the community in simply doing anything you can to make not only your school and community a better place but also promotes a positive message and impact that could possibly influence fellow students to also help make the world a better place. The third most popular extracurricular activity at Shadow Ridge is the Yearbook Club. Yearbook club is a great club to join as not only do you make lots of new friends but you and all your fellow yearbook club members are put in charge of creating the school yearbook. Although it may seem to be a daunting task, it really is a great experience as you and your fellow members get to decide the style, theme, and overall how you want the yearbook to look. I consider this a great opportunity to really showcase your creativity and really bond with your fellow peers in order to create the best yearbook possible for the school year. Although I am not a yearbook club member, I would highly recommend joining as I have many friends that are in the club and they always describe and exemplify how fun it is construct and outline the various aspects of the yearbook as well as pick which pictures go in the yearbook.

Anonymous, Student, Shadow Ridge High School, Class of 2016

At my school, the 3 most popular extracurricular activities are student council (or STUCO), theatre, and the National Honor society. Student council is very heavily involved in the day to day activities of the students, and works to make every week fun and enjoyable for the students, making decorations and other fun things. Theatre loves to put on performances, they are very well made and the students are heavily involved when they join. The program will even allow classes to see previews of their performances, whether they be comedy, drama, or otherwise, the plays they preform are great fun for everyone. Lastly, the National honor society is always given praise by our school, the kids that are a part of it often get rewards for their outstanding achievements. They are our future leaders, and the members of the club at my school are the kind of leaders I would like. I would of course recommend the theatre program, I had a great time learning about how much time and effort goes into making these performances. Also, its a good idea to join smaller clubs for more specific interests, we have a lot at our school, and they are always looking for kids who are interested.

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