What is a typical University of Saint Mary student like? Describe the type of person that should attend University of Saint Mary.


Anonymous, Student, University of Saint Mary, Class of 2016

The University of Saint Mary consists of students who mainly play sports or who are in the excellent Nursing program. Saint Mary is not well known and is a small university. It is welcome to a variety of people and since the university is so small, everyone knows each other. The professors at the University of Saint Mary have classes that are small, so they are able to be more interactive with the students. The professors care about their students greatly. The type of student who should attend Saint Mary is a student who cares about their education and one who wants to get a great one. The students that attend the University focus on four core values. These values are respect, community, justice, and excellence. The students at the University of Saint Mary are the type who try to better themselves each day.

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