What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Gwynedd Mercy University?


Anonymous, Student, Gwynedd Mercy University, Class of 2019

At Gwynedd Mercy University there are plenty of eye catching and entertaining things going around on campus. The biggest being the sporting events, we as students have a lot of pride for our school and our schools teams, especially field hockey, lacrosse, soccer, and above all else basketball. Home -and away- games are always exciting and something to look forward to! The campus also offers a handful of clubs and organizations, dance team, peer mediation, campus ministry, etc. there is always some event being put on by one of the clubs for students to partake in. However, it wouldn't be Gwynedd Mercy if there weren't community service opportunities at every turn. Students get the incredible opportunity to experience the effect their help can have on another human life, it looks great on a resume, it's beneficial for the spirit, and most of all it's a way to get involved.

Anonymous, Student, Gwynedd Mercy University, Class of 2018

The top three thing students at Gwynedd Mercy University do for fun are going to school run events, such as dances or other activities; another thing is going to sporting events, and last but not least just hanging out with other students on campus.

Anonymous, Student, Gwynedd Mercy University, Class of 2015

1.) Student Activities Center holds luncheons, galas and other activities. 2.) Movie nights, even outside in the warm months are a hit. 3.) Our school offers Yoga and Zumba.

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