Describe the type of student who should attend Saint Louis Community College. Why?



St. Louis Community College is the perfect place for anyone to start off their college experience. The classes are much cheaper than universities and the general courses transfer to most universities. It would most benefit those who didn't do well in high school to try for a higher GPA before transferring elsewhere or those who don't have enough money to start at a university right away. I got a full ride to this school through a program with my high school so I will get my associates degree for free.


Any student that is looking for a quality education for a nearly unbeatable cost should definitely attend St. Louis Community College. With all the countless programs and degrees that St. Louis Community College offers, and with all the convenient campus locations around St. Louis County, anybody should be able to find the program that they absolutely enjoy.

Anonymous, Student, Saint Louis Community College, Class of 2018

Highly motivated students who want a quality education, but cannot afford to pay for four years at a university. Most students at St. Louis Community College are there because they WANT to be. These are often students who must work full-time and/or multiple jobs to support themselves and pay for their education. St. Louis Community College students are driven and refuse to let their lack of financial privilege prohibit them from reaching their goals.

Anonymous, Student, Saint Louis Community College, Class of 2016

To attend any branch of Saint Louis Community College is to be undecided and have a very small idea of what degree you plan on going forward to achieve. The Saint Louis Community College branches contain a variety of classes that can slowly narrow down the majors for one to conclude and carry on to a four-year university.

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