Describe the type of student who should not attend College of Lake County and explain why.


Anonymous, Student, College of Lake County, Class of 2016

College of Lake County has been mocked by local high schools as the College of Last Chance or College of Loss Cause-these are the students who should not be attending the admirable and noble College of Lake County. Funny thing about it is that some of these students are the ones who come into College of Lake County and fail out of its' classes. They come into the school thinking that it will be easy because its a Community College and soon find themselves with the grades that reflect their poor attitudes. As I am sure it has been made aware to them the multiple resources the college provides they turn the opportunities down because they're embarrassed that the school is not as easy as they believed it to be. Students who come into the school with a poor attitude about the academics are the ones who should not be attending the school at all.

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