Describe the type of student who should attend Academy Allied Health and Science. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Academy Allied Health and Science, Class of 2016

With a passion for medicine, I believe that attending the Academy of Allied Health and Science has solidified my desire to be a healthcare professional. I’ve always had this interest, and now I’m at a school with people who also have the same aspirations. Learning how each person solves problems and deals with daily challenges has not only exposed me to working with other types of personalities, but has also taught me that it’s crucial to be a team player. As an Allied student, I’ve had many opportunities to intern with plastic surgeons, radiologists, and neonatologists. Gaining invaluable knowledge from such accomplished medical professionals has allowed me to realize that in medicine, a team of professionals is expected to provide the best care possible, and rightfully so. Watching a neonate in a plastic container with wires hooked up to his body has really humbled me. A little baby boy that could fit into the palm of my hand was able to be kept alive by the combined effort of dedicated healthcare workers. Experiences like this have truly shown me the miracles of science and technology.

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