Describe the type of student who should attend Paul Cuffee Charter School. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Paul Cuffee Charter School, Class of 2016

A student who goes to Paul Cuffee Charter School needs to be independent. On reason is because students are the ones responsible for getting what they want. If you want to take an advanced placement coarse you have to go out on your own to get an application and turn it in yourself. If you want to join a club you have to make an effort to show that your committed to the leader and the team before being accepted. These past few years in this high school, I've had to be the one to take charge of my education. I check my grade everyday to make sure the teacher puts in the correct grades, and if they didn't, I'd be the one to go and speak up for myself. Also if I didn't have a coarse that I needed to take in order to graduate, I would go out and make sure my schedule was changed. In Paul Cuffee it is crucial that students are independent and able to take charge of their education.

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