What is a typical California Academy of Mathematics and Science student like? Describe the type of person who should attend California Academy of Mathematics and Science.


Anonymous, Student, California Academy of Mathematics and Science, Class of 2016

In reality, there is not a typical person that attends CAMS. The stereotype, created by people who have never attended, is that CAMS is a school of nerds. I have never met and never will meet two students alike at my school. Since our school has a strong focus in Math and Science, one with an interest in Engineering , Robotics, Biotechnology, Aerospace or Computer science is welcomed to enroll. Though the subjects may sound overwhelming , CAMS also offers a dedicated dance team and art class. The one thing I can say that ALL CAMS students have in common is sleep deprivation. I know it may sound foolish, you might be thinking that we just waste our time on social media and Netflix , but its the complete opposite. The reason why the students at CAMS procrasinate is because we all have at least 4 balls to juggle on a daily basis. In conclusion, if you have an interest in math and science, love the arts, work well in a team , and like sleepless nights, then WELCOME to the little heaven and hell of academia Califronia can offer.

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