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What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Walsh University?


Anonymous, Student, Walsh University, Class of 2019

Walsh is a very good school with a great environment, friendly atmosphere, and beautiful campus, is usually being very understanding with financial aid, and prepares students well for their future after college

Anonymous, Student, Walsh University, Class of 2015

Walsh University provides various opportunities for students to succeed and become established in their adult life. Through the Career Center, students are given mock interviews, resume help, and are required to complete an internship before graduation in order to get ready for their adult lives. Another reason to attend Walsh is that professors go out of their way to help students learn the material rather than simply memorizing it for the exam then forgetting it. By providing office hours, students are aware of when the professor is available to assist them. Lastly, Walsh is in a safe area where one can walk around campus without the anxiety that something bad will happen. The location of Walsh allows for students to have fun and, if there were any instances of danger, campus police is always willing to pick them up and ensure their safety. Walsh University is ultimately a great university to attend with numerous perks.

Anonymous, Student, Walsh University, Class of 2018

The student to faculty ratio of thirteen to one allows for students to become closer with their professors and receive extra help. Walsh is located in a safe area with many stores and restaurants surrounding the campus. Walsh welcomes many people and the University works toward helping someone to pursue their education on what ever path someone decides to follow.

Anonymous, Student, Walsh University, Class of 2018

Walsh University is a great school that prepares students for their professions and for life. Walsh University takes the time to make sure they are accepting quality people into their school. Walsh University has a strong alumni network to help out students once they complete their education.

Anonymous, Student, Walsh University, Class of 2016

The top three reasons that someone should attend Walsh would be a great student body, superior teaching staff and support staff, and convenient course schedule.

Anonymous, Student, Walsh University, Class of 2018

  1. Great faculty and professors that care about how well you do.
  2. Small classrooms that help with one-on-one interactions and more concentrated learning.
  3. They have many great Global-learning opportunities and will help you make it affordable.
Anonymous, Student, Walsh University, Class of 2015

Walsh offers small class sizes with teachers that truly care about you. You will make amazing friends that will last a lifetime. Walsh also has a beautiful campus during all the seasons.

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