Describe the type of student who should attend Haltom High School. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Haltom High School, Class of 2016

Haltom High School isn't a perfect school, as well as any other high school around. So what makes it different, and somewhere you should attend? If you asked me after attending my first day as a freshman, I would I have told you it was boring. But now as a senior walking the halls of Haltom, I can tell you how much I've grown to love the place I call my school. The faculty is wonderful, and everyone is so outgoing. The students are outrageously supportive, and very kind. And out school spirit? Through the roof. There is no other way to describe. The students are encouraging, and attempt to attend every event help to show support. Everyone is everyone's friend, and it makes your days so much more easier and fun! So if you're supportive, well rounded, happy, and encouraging, Haltom is the place for you. We're always doing something to improve on ourselves to make every student enjoy their high school years.

Anonymous, Student, Haltom High School, Class of 2017

When attending Haltom High, the student will have to have a lot of school spirit. Haltom High school is all about excellence and the key to being excellent is to show the best of you. A student attending Haltom will be respectful and will be hard-working. We care about one another and will make Haltom feel like you've been here your whole life.

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