Asked about: Patten University

What is a typical Patten University student like? Describe the type of person that should attend Patten University.


Anonymous, Student, Patten University, Class of 2017

You have to be self-motivated. There is a brick and mortar school that is different, but most of the students study on line, and there are times when it is tough to sit down and study by yourself. There are forums and other ways to connect to other people, but you have to come willing to genuinely work and genuinely work hard in a non-traditional school environment.

Anonymous, Student, Patten University, Class of 2016

A Patten University online student is self-motivated. We are self-learners and self-teachers. Though our courses, and online experience allow for such freedom and autonomy, we are not afraid to ask for guidance. Patten University is for the students who desires not only to acquire his degree but is willing to work fervently for his degree.

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