What services do you provide for students with special needs? Do you support full inclusion?


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So I did a little bit of follow up research to find other options you might explore.

I called Santa Clara High School about its special education program and learned that it doesn't have an entire program, but does have a special ed coordinator. She was out of the building when I called, but you should be able to reach her either by calling the school's front office at (805) 483-9502, or by calling the coordinator's extension directly at ext. 2054.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find many other schools nearby that were private, Catholic/Jewish and had a designated special education program. The Simi Valley Unified School District has a special education division with a list of specialists. I know this is a public school district, but you might try speaking with faculty and seeing if their resources match up with your needs.

Another option would be to find the special education high school school in Los Angeles that's nearest your address.

There's also a number of Catholic and Jewish schools in L.A; however, of the schools I called and researched, I unfortunately wasn't able to find one with a strong emphasis on special education or exceptional student services. Some of the single-gender schools may have these options, but since I don't know the gender of your child I was unable to look further.

Hopefully this broadens your horizons a little bit more. Feel free to write back if you have questions as you explore these institutions!

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Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any information on the special education services at Grace Brethren Jr. Sr. High School. My advice would be to call the school at (805) 522-4667 or email it at ahenderson@gracebrethren.com for more information. The school website has general information about academics, activities, and news.

Since Grace is a private institution, it's not required to provide special education in the same manner as a public school. However, I used the Noodle School Locator to find Casa Pacifica Nonpublic School; this is a private, special needs institution near Simi Valley.

Best of luck and feel free to ask any follow up questions as they arise!

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