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What's the best to set up PowerSchool?

My son just started this year he is in kindergarten and I found the PowerSchool app on my phone. Please let me know how I can sign him up for it so I can keep up with his school assignments and his teachers comments. Thanks.


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Based on what I can see on the Vienna Elementary School website, it doesn't look like this school uses PowerSchool. According to the Parent/Student Handbook, teachers use a program called Blackboard for communication with parents and students. To access Blackboard, click the link that says "24/7 Learning (Blackboard)" at the top of the Vienna Elementary School homepage.

For more information about how to access your child's grades, etc., my advice would be to contact Vienna Elementary School directly at 703-937-6000. Additional contact information is also available on the school's Staff Directory page.

Hope this helps!

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