Asked about: Aledo High School

Describe the type of student who should attend Aledo High School. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Aledo High School, Class of 2016

Aledo High School is one of the best schools I've ever attended. I used to live in Crowley before moving to Aledo in the 5th grade and I have been so much happier in Aledo for the following reasons: Aledo is such a safe environment, the staff goes out of their way to make the school days more fun and educational, and the sports teams are what Aledo is most known for. The sporting events are always fun to attend to cheer on our student athletes that work so hard to do what they love, which makes cheering from the student section so much more enjoyable. The students of Aledo High School are friendly and fun to be around, we have an extremely strict no bullying policy that keeps everybody positive and more outgoing to meet people. Not only does Aledo has some of the best sports teams but our academic teams and scores are also incredible. The students at Aledo High School work very hard and study long hours to make our school proud by achieving the greatest things out there, I am truly around to be a Bearcat.

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