What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Southeast Community College Area?


Anonymous, Student, Southeast Community College Area, Class of 2016

The top 3 reasons for attending SCC would be, smaller classrooms, better teacher to student ratios, and more individual attention to help achieve academic success. All contributing to a family type environment.

Anonymous, Student, Southeast Community College Area, Class of 2016

I think someone should attend this college because its cheaper than the universities. The next thing is you can work and go to school at the same time. The last thing is the classes are in quarters which makes getting your degree go by faster.

Anonymous, Student, Southeast Community College Area, Class of 2018

Location. Location. Location. It's all about the location. What a prospective student doesn't realize is that when they're searching for a friendly atmosphere, the right size, and the selection of classes that appeal to them, they are searching for the sweet spot where it all comes together. Nebraska has the friendliest and most spirited citizens I've met to this day. Other teams and their fans want to hate Cornhuskers, and they all seem to say the same thing in the end, "We want to hate them...but they're just too gosh darn nice!" You walk down the street and pass someone? You will get a greeting. If someone wants a more personal setting and smaller class, (nothing wrong with a smaller size!), then this is the place to go. When it comes down to it, most folks complain about the selection of classes in a community college. Yet, unlike a good amount of colleges in the mid-west, you have a decent variety to choose from at SCC. You have your agricultural selection, naturally. You have choices in the medical field ranging from physical therapists, to lab tech, to general health care nurse providers. People want to study law enforcement/criminal justice. Got that too. Engineering. Check. To say the list goes on is just asking for it. For a community college...no, for a college in general, you will be pleased to take a look at Southeast Community College and your only regret being you didn't look sooner.

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