What is a typical Milpitas High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Milpitas High School.


Anonymous, Student, Milpitas High School, Class of 2016

A typical high school is like everybody else. There are athletes, learners, and etc. Milpitas High school is mixed with all sorts of people that are easy to find friends to your own comforts. Milpitas High students just comes in with music and school gears and just go to class to learn and then have fun. Whoever would like to attend Milpitas high should come with happiness and respect of learn because most students in Milpitas High school are just created like that.

Anonymous, Student, Milpitas High School, Class of 2017

Our school population is very diverse. When I say diverse, I truly mean it. I mean the minute you walk on campus you see people of every race. I only realized how diverse Milpitas High was until I started playing teams from different schools for volleyball, basketball, wrestling, and softball. I think a person that would be uncomfortable about fitting in due to their race or culture should attend this high school. Having such a diverse group of friends can help you appreciate and understand the cultures of the world. We especially need that with cases of discrimination still popping up.

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