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Is there financial aid or scholarships that will allow students to study at Santa Ana College for free?

We've just arrived from Vietnam. We have our social security numbers and will get our green cards in a few days. We have graduated from universities in Vietnam.


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Since you have a social security number and green card it looks like you qualify for federal financial aid.

Santa Ana College offers a few financial aid packages for its students. You can read about the grants and work-studies available on the financial aid page. The school also offers several scholarships for students who meet eligibility requirements.

Aside from school-sponsored financial aid, you can learn about external scholarships and a host of cost-saving tips and ideas on Noodle's Paying for College page.

If you or someone in your family ends up not receiving a green card, you may want to look into California's Dream Act which allows residents who do not have citizenship to attend a college for in-state tuition.

If you have specific questions and concerns, I recommend calling the school's financial aid office at (714) 564-6242, or emailing it at

I hope this helps you explore your options. Best of luck!

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