What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Bryan College-Dayton?


Anonymous, Student, Bryan College-Dayton, Class of 2017

Bryan College is in the middle of Dayton, Tennessee, a small town with not a lot to do. So students have to make their own fun. A lot of students will get together in their dorms and watch movies. Another fun event occurs on Sundays. Some students go into downtown Dayton and swingdance. Most, if not all students, will just hang out with friends, whether they have plans or not.

Anonymous, Student, Bryan College-Dayton, Class of 2018

The top three things students at Bryan College do for fun would have to be going to the Pocket Wilderness, spending time in the largest city near us which is Chattanooga, and the many activities offered on campus. Pocket Wilderness is an outdoor get-away to go hiking, swimming, and cliff jumping. It is always beautiful and relaxing, along with packed with Bryan students. It's a great way to escape after a long day of classes, or to adventure around on the weekend. With Dayton being a very small, country town located at the edge of the mountains, there isn't much to do. We do however have Chattanooga close to 30-45 minutes away. Chattanooga offers a wide variety of touristy places, along with movie theaters, trampoline parks, and plenty of restaurant options that are delicious and give us college students a break from cafeteria food and Ramen Noodles! Also, Bryan College offers many athletic teams, including intramural teams, along with a number clubs and student events. Bryan College is full of energy and excitement, but offers a beautiful and quiet campus if you just prefer to hammock in a tree and take a nap or read. There is always something going on around campus, whether it is cheering on our amazing soccer team, a breakfast party at 10 o'clock at night, or chilling with some friends and enjoying the Nutella Club.

Anonymous, Student, Bryan College-Dayton, Class of 2015

1) Students are involved in outreach ministries such as serving low-income families in the Dayton area and volunteering at the local Women's Care Center. There are also various student led groups on campus that exist to help a specific cause. For example, one group is Students for Life and they advocate for moms and babies in many practical ways. 2) Students love attending on campus concerts. Bryan College hosts many concerts over the course of every semester. These concerts always draw large crowds. 3) Sporting events are other activities that the majority of students at Bryan College enjoy attending for fun. The competitive nature and school pride are strong at Bryan College.

Anonymous, Student, Bryan College-Dayton, Class of 2019

Play soccer and other inter mural activities. Gather together and spend time with friends. Swim in the colleges' pool and hang out in the game room.

Anonymous, Student, Bryan College-Dayton, Class of 2016

The top 3 things that students do for fun at Bryan College - Dayton is play in the student center, attend sporting events and watch theatrical productions.

Anonymous, Student, Bryan College-Dayton, Class of 2018

-Visit other students and play pool or table tennis in the Lion's Den. -Have a coffee at Harmony House or Starbucks. -Play "Sardines" after school hours in Rudd Auditorium.

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