What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend SUNY Polytechnic Institute?


Anonymous, Student, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Class of 2018

People should attend SUNY Poly because it's a small tight nit community where everyone knows everyone, and no one is left out. The professors are all great and want to see students succeed and are willing to learn from the student and be challenged as well. Also SUNY Poly is a forward moving school working on keeping up with the ever expanding world of technology and change.

Anonymous, Student, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Class of 2017

When comparing to other universities, Suny Poly has affordable tuition rates. A student can easily walk away with a degree with less than 100K in loans. Suny Poly also offers Nano Science programs which is hard to find in other universities. Thirdly, it is a well known school- a local school to myself that has made a name for itself and has brought many good things to our community.

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