What is a typical School for Advanced Studies - Wolfson student like? Describe the type of person who should attend School for Advanced Studies - Wolfson.


Anonymous, Student, School for Advanced Studies - Wolfson, Class of 2016

What is a typical day at SAS? Being that we are located in the downtown area, and is a dual enrolled high school on a college campus, we see all kinds of things, from homeless crazy people, to random Miami-Dade College events. Everyone has crazy and totally different schedules, being that we get to choose college classes that are towards our major, so we encounter different experiences. I would also say, that SAS students are a different breed of students. You never know what to expect. So if by typical, you mean somewhat normal, it would be going to our college classes with a side of craziness, and back to our high school building for some more craziness.

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