What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Lincoln Memorial University?


Anonymous, Student, Lincoln Memorial University, Class of 2019

The campus is absolutely stunning for one. For two the classroom and science labs are state of the art and for the third because the facility and staff are so helpful with furthering any program or passion you want to pursue. It is just a wonderful place to receive an education.

Anonymous, Student, Lincoln Memorial University, Class of 2018

I do not think that me explaining why someone should come to this university would do it justice because it has been nothing short of amazing. I chose to come here because of how beautiful this campus is. It is tucked in surrounded by trees and I cannot even begin to explain how gorgeous it looks in the fall when the leaves change color. I feel like I am living in a painted canvas! The small classroom sizes are another attribute LMU had that sold me on why I ended up making my decision to go there. I transferred from Colorado State Univeristy where I took classes with up to 500 students. Professors didn't know my name and instead we were assigned to teacher aids according to the first letter of our last name. This made it hard for me to get the help that I needed, but now that I am at LMU I have never been more successful with my academics then I am now. The campus is extremely safe, which most students would not think about going into a college but I promise you their parents will. This was extremely important for my mom being that I was so far away from home and she is more peaceful knowing LMU truly cares about the safety of the students, and it shows!

Anonymous, Student, Lincoln Memorial University, Class of 2017

Small campus, personalized student-teacher relationships, new veterinary school.----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Anonymous, Student, Lincoln Memorial University, Class of 2020

Atmosphere, possibilities for success, and new facilities for lab work. The campus and surrounding area are beautiful. the programs and opportunities for success are endless.

Anonymous, Student, Lincoln Memorial University, Class of 2015

The class sizes average around 17 students. The students have easy access to the professors. The campus is a very safe campus. It is located in a rural community. The campus is very beautiful. The college is over 100 years and started to fulfill a dream of Abraham Lincoln to provide education to people of the East TN area.

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