Describe the type of student who should attend University of South Dakota. Why?



In the quiet town of Vermillion, South Dakota tucked away on the green University of South Dakota campus is the National Music Museum, a wonder for any native or visitor. Inside this museum patrons can wander through a collection of over 15,000 instruments that has drawn many, like myself, to explore a part of the country that is more often than not undersold. Exploration, should be the theme of USD students. College and upper level education is an adventure that should be embraced my exuberant students ready to plunge into learning and future careers that are full of excitement and passion. The National Music Museum reflects the University of South Dakota and its students as being a leader in cultural preservation and progression hallmarked by its innovative and creative students.

Anonymous, Student, University of South Dakota, Class of 2018

The University of South Dakota offers students a small educational community focused on the success of each individual. Advisors and professors are readily accessible and always willing to dedicate their time to the success of each student.

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