Describe the type of student who should not attend George Mason University and explain why.



I think that students who lack ambition should choose a different college. That isn't to say that only people who have specific academic and career goals will make the most of George Mason (GMU). Folks who are ambivalent to college, who are going just to go, would be better served by maybe taking a gap year first. If a student wants to attend, learn, and earn their degree, even if they don't have time or energy for the wide range of extracurricular activities, GMU will provide a space for them to blossom. Historically a commuter school, there is a sizable portion of the student body who comes to campus for classes only a couple days a week. GMU has ample accommodations for students study and stay in between classes, and has many student and administrative organizations looking to help everyone succeed. If one lacks the hunger to learn, all the great amenities and opportunities would likely be lost on them. Thusly I assert that it's best to be excited for college and appreciate what it means to attend an institution of higher education before choosing to attend George Mason University.


Although George Mason is a university that is open to acceptance of a vast majority of students from different cultures, backgrounds, and personalities, I believe that there is a certain type of student who would have a difficult time attending George Mason. I believe that someone who is solely looking to constantly go out and party would not be someone who should attend George Mason. While having a great social life is encouraged at Mason, it is also strongly encouraged to have a balanced active life. While attending GMU, I have learned that too much of anything can be harmful. Someone who has difficultly balancing their social and academic lives would not be a student who should attend GMU.


Students who are rigid and closed to change and others beliefs and ideals should not attend George Mason. A school containing such a diverse population of character would not be an ideal setting for close minded individual, nor for those who would have to deal with such an individual.


The type of student who should not attend Mason is someone who is immature and narrow-minded. Everyone is an adult and should act like one especially since everyone is treated that way. Also, the college experience opens the mind to many different ideas and opinions. One should keep an open mind to make decisions and to take in what someone else says and see what their views are.

Anonymous, Student, George Mason University, Class of 2016

You shouldn't attend GMU if you aren't a social/outgoing person. The campus is very large but a majority of the students are commuters and you will have to actively seek out friends and activities.

Anonymous, Student, George Mason University, Class of 2018

The type of student who should not attend George Mason University is someone who is uncomfortable with urban/city areas. George Mason University is a school with over 30,000 students and is located in Northern Virginia. I would not recommend George Mason University to people who are afraid of cities.

Anonymous, Student, George Mason University, Class of 2017

I would say that those students who are not truly committed to their education should not pay to come to Mason. The campus, professors, and courses are all top-notch and therefore it is expensive to attend. If an education is not what someone wants, they should not want to pay just for the social aspect of being a Patriot.

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