Describe the type of student who should attend Wharton County Junior College. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Wharton County Junior College, Class of 2019

I consider Wharton County Junior College to be most notable for its size, location, and cost. As a junior college, the campus is cozy, consisting of no more than 20 distinct buildings. The class sizes aren't overbearing, being no bigger than the average high school student is used to. This, unlike most universities, gives the opportunity for a more personal relationship between students and professors on campus and a more welcoming feel for students new to the college experience. The college is located in Wharton, Texas, a quaint town about an hour away from Houston, Texas. The location allows for students to pursue their education in a relaxing environment, free from the noise of a big city, as would be the case with the typical university. Furthermore, the campus's close proximity to Houston allows for nearly endless job opportunities and proves to be a nice place for a regretted weekend shopping binge. Wharton County Junior College is also relatively inexpensive as far as colleges go. Tuition and books can easily be under $5,000 per semester without financial aid. The low cost means anyone can pursue their educational ambitions, regardless of how bleak their financial situation may be. This also makes the college a great place for students to get their basic classes out of the way before transferring to a major university. So, what type of student should attend Wharton County Junior College? Any student! The college is well suited for students of all ages, from recent high school graduates looking to get their basics out of the way to a working mom looking to go back to school. The size, location, and cost make this campus among the most inviting and least intimidating college for any student looking to pursue a higher level of education without having to deal with the overbearing aspects of universities.

Anonymous, Student, Wharton County Junior College, Class of 2016

The staff at Wharton County Junior College are serious about education. Therefore the students entering their facility should be focused on their career and dedicated, hard-working students. The faculty at WCJC are geared toward learning and they really push and motivate the students, they make you work hard. Staff also stress that anything worth having is going to require hard work - That is why the students have to stay focused and have a yearn for education and completion; because if they are just coming for the financial aid, they will not do well and they will get discouraged. The students entering must be tough and know that learning can be fun, Nevertheless, WCJC students must stay focused on the end result, and that is to gain financial independence.

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