Describe the type of student who should not attend Eastern Michigan University and explain why.



Anyone could come to Eastern Michigan University and make it their own. However, there are a large amount of people that attend this college and some individuals may not like that. Some people prefer smaller colleges versus larger ones. Anyone that is going into medicine to become a doctor may not want to start here because we do not have an MD program. However, we just added a physician assistant program, we have nursing, physical therapy, and occupational therapy all available as well. Anyone could come to Eastern Michigan and succeed very well here.


There is always a reason for someone to attend school. This way everyone is educated and can obtain a job right out of college or even half way through. There is not one person that should not attend because there are many ways to help out if they are in financial issues and also if they are struggling or feel as if they would struggle if they were to attend this university.

Anonymous, Student, Eastern Michigan University, Class of 2017

The student who should not attend EMU is one who just wants to scrape by and not have to work hard for his/her degree. The curriculum at the school requires hours of work and dedication in order for their students to graduate and a slacker will find it impossible to procrastinate here.

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