What is a typical State Amant High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend State Amant High School.


Anonymous, Student, State Amant High School, Class of 2016

Saint Amant is a school for any student who simply wishes to have a place to be, to belong. Now I;m no social butterfly, but I can honestly say that in all my nearly four years of attendance, I have never felt excluded, unwanted, or unappreciated by anyone who spends their days in its halls--whether that be student or staff alike. The days are simple enough, and settling into routine isn't difficult at all. Four classes are attended to each semester--five if two are half credit courses--and broken up between two lunch shifts. Uniforms are a requirement, but most are lenient on the students choices to make the uniforms reflect their own personalities. One easy way of achieving such a feat is lanyards that are required to hold our identification cards.

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