Which 3 extracurricular activities at Queens School of Inquiry are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Queens School of Inquiry, Class of 2016

The three hottest extracurricular activities at my high school currently would be our varsity basketball team, our spirit squad, and our varsity softball team. Our school is extremely supportive of our teams, we are always there to cheer on our basketball team and the spirit squad who is also cheering them on. This is the first year that our softball team has become a varsity team and I decided to join. Not only do the teams get involved in the extracurricular activities but so does the rest of our high school community, the activities really allow us all a chance to participate and express ourselves. The extracurriculars that I would personally recommend trying out would be the varsity softball team, theatre club, and the student council. The softball team has grown very close and welcoming of all newcomers so there would not be any need to feel nervous, you most definitely will not be left out in the dust! The theatre club is also very fun, we rehearse our own plays and we are currently working on a play that will be performed hopefully very soon. And the student council gives students a chance to participate in creating events such as fundraising or even celebratory parties when we really deserve it! There is something for everybody whether you're athletic, artsy, or just want to jump right in and help!

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