Asked about: Hampshire College

What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Hampshire College?


Anonymous, Student, Hampshire College, Class of 2017

We like to debate about social issues, throw weird parties, and go for walks/hikes in the woods or in the nearby mountains.

Anonymous, Student, Hampshire College, Class of 2018

Hampshire College students make art. Some days I'm at the music building listening to sitar, some days I'm spending hours on my dorm room floor with paints or a sewing needle, most days I'm at the theatre or sitting with a notebook in my hand. We go outside. In the middle of New England, surrounded by beautiful mountains and huge cornfields, why wouldn't we? We may be up to our necks in snow in the winter, but that doesn't stop us from going on romps in the woods on a snow day. Hampster kids explore in other ways, too. We've got five colleges and their towns to choose from. That's a lot of classes, performances, and clubs to choose from.

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