What are the best programs for coding?

I want to participate in Girls Who Code but I am worried that I will not get in. What are some other programs for me to consider?


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First off, you should absolutely still contact Girls Who Code. The goals of organizations like this one are to inspire confidence and build basic skills, so you shouldn't be intimidated by your perceived lack of experience. There are likely many other people in your position!

If you're interested in other programs that train women in coding, you might want to check out this post that has a list of 17 organizations that teach coding to women.

Also, don't forget about the coding topic page on Noodle. In addition to advice, you can find online courses that can serve as refreshers, or teach you new skills.

Your best bet is to apply for everything that interests you. There are a lot of recent articles about the effects of systemically caused self-doubt on women, one of which is that women are less likely to apply for opportunities for which they don't think they're completely qualified. The takeaway is that you should apply for things even when you're uncertain because everybody feels uncertain or under-qualified in some way.

Best of luck and feel free to write back with a follow up any time you like!

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