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Which 3 extracurricular activities at Chino High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Chino High School, Class of 2019

One of the most noble extracurricular activities grounded at Chino High school are our variety of clubs. For example, Key Club is a volunteer network of services to achieve prosperity in the nature of our community. Secondly, other electives in your common interests could be similar to mine. You’ll likely enjoy the area of expressing your identity in performances if engaging in attentive crowds floats your boat. Drama could be your speciality visually since I could relate, if I do say so myself. The teacher seems passionate about teaching his students the useful skills to prepare them for reality. He's in that field of business where he's been the manager for organizing productions, so you can count on him to know his information. Another addition to the privileges that our amazing school has to offer is our plays. As I can recall, there's usually only two in the season that takes place throughout the whole year. Meanwhile, the other side of the table has turned onto our hands to lead 10 of them at an admission fee to see our outstanding work. It's completely worth it to visualize the beauty take its own life form in person of your own eyes especially to be sitting in the audience as a proud parent. Our entertainment is strictly for PG purposes. Furthermore, it’s an excellent influence to reflect the outcomes of an appropriate style for ideas through creativity by following the standards without the exposure to violence. We’ve been ranked in higher titles for pure comedy with a positive message of sending out friendly vibes in our co-existent neighborhood where families can feel like they can commute and join as one on a beautiful day to share some laughs. It's where everyone can feel at home and free to relieve stress while having a great time without even knowing it. Sometimes it'll all be over before you know it to where you’ll want to stay even longer for over time. Eventually, the room has to be booked to be closed. Nevertheless, it still doesn't change the fact that everyone is there for one another in an invisible relationship. It's interesting to watch a story of events unravel through our speech of emotions when we let our body language do the talking for us without expressing language in the mime pieces. The tears we shed are in spite of the joy and happiness. Anybody is welcome to our next upcoming play to see the cast for The Plot Like Gravy Thickens on Broadway, more or less. I have school pride for our educational and athletic programs as an inner spiritual cowboy. My experience in each of the criteria is due to prior knowledge of my membership involved in them. My advice that I'd recommend to a Freshman is use the wise opportunity to explore accessible options with care. Although it does come with its benefits, you shouldn't mistake it as an advantage for someone else other than your guts. Otherwise, it would lose the meaning to its shine if your efforts aren’t coming from your heart. Nobody else has the right to take control over that basic right of humans to live freely. In a self-explanatory description, I'd say to do what you want or whichever feels best to you. The choices we make now can affect the course of our future. Would you really want to look back feeling empty in thoughts knowing that there was someone else stopping you from forming opinions with your mind? Discover clubs, participate in after school sports, or start your own tutoring lessons to assist you in reaching the potential of unlimited possibilities.

Anonymous, Student, Chino High School, Class of 2016

The most popular extracurricular activites at Chino High are sports, key club, AP club and Science club.

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