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Describe the type of student who should attend Online School. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Online School, Class of 2018


The great thing about doing school online is that anybody anywhere can obtain an education just like any other child in a brick-and-mortar school. For people like me, who are very busy in life, between all of the animals at my house, my family life, and the tornado of everything else, I hardly have any time for 'real school'! To be able to sit down at my own desk, comfortably, and to finish a day's work at my own pace is more or less amazing! You do not have to be a particular type of person or a particular age; there are no high school cliches, or any exclusion; it is just you!

Anonymous, Student, Online School, Class of 2016

 Online school is a difficult form of school, and is not for all students. Because it requires motivation to work on your own without prodding from teachers, students who attend online school should be strongly motivated and self-disciplined in order to keep up with the work that is required.

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