how do you find the exponent and base of 262,144?


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262144 is the standard notation of 86, 8^6 = 262144 So, 8 is the base and 6 is exponent net worth

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Anonymous, exponent 262,144

standard notation 262,144

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Try looking at some of our learning materials on exponential notation. This video does a great job of clearly explaining exponents.

Additionally, here's a sample problem that's similar to yours. The person solving this uses a trial and error method.

This video was recommended on a previous question and answer and shows you how to express a large number as an exponent and base.

Sometimes it can be a time-consuming process, but once you get into the groove of dividing until you reach a string of prime numbers, you'll be able to cruise towards the answer!

Good luck and feel free to ask more questions any time!

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