What is a typical Turlock Christian School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Turlock Christian School.


Anonymous, Student, Turlock Christian School, Class of 2016

I could answer the question about what Turlock Christian School student is like and I could tell you that the students vary, some are jocks, some are nerds, but thay isnt the case at my school. Many of the students at my school are both, the jocks are the one acing exams and quiz's. It is strange how our student body personalities are all rather the same in many ways. Going to a Christian school all the students have one thing, one foundation in common and that is Christ. So, with that knowledge in mind of all our students we strive for excellence, we strive to glorify God. That either being getting out of comforts zones and joining the sports team and or doing well in school. That being said, because our students are so much alike we all get along. Granted it is not like the students are all happy and kind and caring, because that is something no school can achieve. Though are students are the ones opening doors for others, sitting by the new kid or the kid eating lunch alone. Their is no secret rule in our school that jocks must stay with jocks and nerds must stay with nerds. It is were if you have something in common with them, you hangout with them. It may be that one a students sits at one place with one set a friends and another day the next and both those groups of friends now each other and are friendly to one another. It is were a student has a double life at school, where if they athletic and creative that they can only chose one group of friends to be with because that not how we as humans work. We are so diverse to the students it is strange to divide people up.

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