Which 3 extracurricular activities at North Rockland High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, North Rockland High School, Class of 2016

3 popular extracurricular activities are italian club, key club and newspaper club. I recommend italian club, ASL club and math league

Anonymous, Student, North Rockland High School, Class of 2017

The most popular extracurricular activities would be the STEM club, drama club, and student government. The technology section of the school is an extremely strong one. with access to three 3-D printers, computers, and abundant amounts of supplies needed in projects. The STEM club competes in competitions with numerous schools as well and prepare well in advance. The drama department has the highest amount of participants since there are important roles for everyone. There are the actors, the tech department, and the pit. The actors rehearse their lines and go on stage to show their extraordinary ability, while the tech crew goes behind the stages to set the scenes and help out with special effects or lighting. Finally, the pit is composed of the orchestra members, who bring the performance to life with their beautiful instruments, The final club that exceeds in popularity is the student government club. This club includes clubs specifically for each graduating class, and another club where all the grades can partake in. The club that pertains to the classes focuses on activities that are only for that specific year, such as Junior or Senior Prom. The separate club deals with other activities that are for the whole school, such as the Talent Show. These would be the clubs that create character and planning. A club that I would recommend would be Key Club, where fun activities are carried out to help out others. The club forms altruistic people who feel very much obliged to help out others without anything in return. Going Holiday Caroling in hospitals, partaking in runs to help out a family in need and showing support in breast cancer month are some of the few selfless acts that are carried out through the Key Club. Extracurricular activities help bring people's creativity and noble qualities out and help them become greater people.

Anonymous, Student, North Rockland High School, Class of 2016

The 3 extracurricular activities at North Rockland that are most popular are sports, best buddies, and drama. I would recommend Key Club, Class officers, sports, student government, and the debate team.

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