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Which 3 extracurricular activities at San Diego Scpa are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, San Diego Scpa, Class of 2017

There aren't many. I am joining the Improve Club on Tuesday of next week, and it's the first I've heard of it. I think it's new. Mostly after school is used for tutoring and rehearsals. Rehearsals are for students who've auditioned for various shows. I highly recommend auditioning for anything you are interested in.

Anonymous, Student, San Diego Scpa, Class of 2017

San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts is an art magnet public school and is home of the extracurricular activities. The arts are incorporated in our academic studies, where students are assigned "majors" based on the art they chose to audition for along with their core classes. Nevertheless, I would have to say the most popular majors are dance, instrumental music, and musical theater. I cannot recommend a specific major, due to the fact that we are all unique in our own way, and each of us can find something we are good at to pursue at the SCPA. Our school handles the district budget extremely well, considering that we always have various shows going on for the students and public to see. All majors get extensive access to top notch equipment that would help them further their education in the arts. All students are constantly collaborating with one another, making our program both unique and wholesome.

Anonymous, Student, San Diego Scpa, Class of 2016

At SCPA I am most popular at dancing, singing, and just being me. I believe that it is important to just be myself and continue to do what I love while inspiring other students to do what they love. The extracurriculars I would recommend is Key club and that is because the key club does not only create unity amongst students from around the country, but they also help clean cities, feed the homeless and meet kids from different cities and go on fieldtrips. It's a win win.

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