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What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Bethel University?


Anonymous, Student, Bethel University, Class of 2017

There are many reasons that I have chosen Bethel University to continue my educational journey. The first and foremost reason is because Bethel is one of the nations leaders for creating some of the best special education teachers. Many universities are easily able to provide students with a teaching degree but it truly takes a special institution to be able to nurture and meet the needs of their students while earning their teachers license.

The next reason I believe that students should attend Bethel University is because of the educators. I have heard that it takes 3 years to get over having a bad teacher, Yikes! While adults are going back to school we don't have the time to have a bad teacher (professor). I think Bethel spends a great deal of time making certain that they are picking competent and passionate professors to educate their students.

The final reason I believe that students should attend Bethel is because of their flexibility to alter their programs to fit the needs of their attending students. I have needed my classes ordered in a way that they don't typically offer but they were so flexible and wanting to help me meet my needs so they do what they can to help. I feel that many schools don't work nearly as well as altering their program to fit the needs. This is such a great strength that I feel that Bethel has that I know many other schools do not.

I feel that Bethel Universtiy is a great school to attend and has a lot to offer its students as well as they are always open and accepting of feedback from students as how to better their program.

Anonymous, Student, Bethel University, Class of 2017

You should attend Bethel because there aren't many schools who would place everything you need to be successful at your finger tips, including technology to help get your work done. The professors, and all of the other professionals are at your beck and call in whatever you need. The library has more resources than you can imagine, both on campus and online. You never feel alone at a school like this. It's like a community of people trying to help take each other to the top.

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