Would you recommend attending Savannah Arts Academy if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Savannah Arts Academy, Class of 2016

I would definitely recommend attending SAA if given the choice! It is the all-around the best public schools in the area. There are only minor disciplinary issues (rarely any fights or stuff like that) and the academics are top-notch. The faculty is involved with the students and there is a good balance of academics to arts. The environment is unique- eclectic and artsy along with a diverse student population.

Anonymous, Student, Savannah Arts Academy, Class of 2017

I would highly recommend attending the Savannah Arts Academy. This school provides great opportunities for highschool students who value the arts. Also, this school offers excellent academic courses.

Anonymous, Student, Savannah Arts Academy, Class of 2016

If I was asked this question four years ago, I would have said no because I was dying from the work load and culture shock. I would stay up many late nights crying under all my homework papers at a loss of how to prioritize and frustrated with myself for not being able to hang out with my other friends on weekdays. However after four years of hard work I've noticed that I'm a better student than I would be if I attended any other school. I've learned how to effectively manage my time, made friends who share the same morals and values as me, and enjoyed spending time contributing to the community. So now, my answer is an excited YES, because Savannah Arts Academy provides you with a type of learning you are not guaranteed at any other public or private school. It immerses you in a culture where you are forced to explore new parts of yourself and find qualities in yourself that you have not seen before. It encourages hard work and dedication. Savannah Arts Academy does a fantastic job at lessening the shock of college work expected from students. Often students go to the school and find that college work was actually easier than Savannah Arts work. Savannah Arts Academy also helps you get involved, so you learn many life skills and citizenship is a big one. This school is a small adventure that does a beautiful job at preparing you for the larger journeys of life.

Anonymous, Student, Savannah Arts Academy, Class of 2015

Yes of course. My school is a highly accredited academic school while also being superior at the arts. It is a medium size school that is in a fairly reasonable location. It is also a public school. I would recommend it if I had the choice.

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