Which 3 extracurricular activities at Waconia Senior High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Waconia Senior High School, Class of 2016

Marching band, show choir, and football are the most popular. I would recommend joining the ukulele club, WHOOT, and Peer Mentors.

Anonymous, Student, Waconia Senior High School, Class of 2016

Speaking from a strictly objective and un-opinionated point of view, I must say that music is the most popular extracurricular at the Waconia High School. Branching down from music being the most popular extracurricular category, we have marching band and show choir taking the prize as the top two most popular extracurricular activities. Coming up in third would be our soccer program.

Let me begin with the most popular activity: show choir. I am not personally a member of the show choir, but I can speak firsthand to the testament that show choir is the most frequently discussed subject at the high school. It is very interesting, how something predominantly stereotyped to consist of what society would call geeks or losers, could become what our school is known for. In 2015, the Waconia Power Company (our show choir) ranked 8th in the entire nation and won all but one competition they participated in. The school rallied around the show choir; this group of only seventy or so participants. While the show choir is seclusive to only members of choir or dance, it is a culture that has expanded throughout the entire school.

The marching band falls in second place; this group I am personally a part of. The group is the largest in the state at 154 musical members and over 180 total; the next largest high school marching band consists of about 80 participants. The high school marching band has been around longer than any other program at Waconia, leading the charge with 44 years of competitive relevancy. The band has won the state championship a number of times, and are one of only three bands to win the state championship three times in a row. In addition, at 180 students involved in the marching band, it makes up 16.4% of all high school students at Waconia. In comparison, the football team has 28 players; sitting at a mere 3.45% of the student body. In short, the marching band has a legacy that it has built in Waconia. It is something that the entire city rallies around, and an activity that brings unity to a large portion of the entire community of students.

Finally, our third most popular extracurricular activity is soccer. It is ever-rising in popularity, due to a few factors. The majority of the high school grew in passion towards soccer in 2013, when the varsity team made a huge state push; losing in the finals. School was canceled that day so that the body of students could show their support. In addition, and on a far more serious note, the soccer team is widely loved and popular because of a single student; Jack Pogatchnik. We lost Jack this year due to an undiagnosed heart condition. The death was incredibly difficult to deal with; to manage, to understand. He collapsed one morning, and all eleven hundred students waited and prayed anxiously each day for his recovery. Then, only a few days later, the fight was over. He was gone, and the school was a mess. Tears lined the halls and the cascade shade of despair was in all eyes. His loss of life is still having rippling effects around the high school, and has seen the soccer team grow extraordinarily in popularity.

I suppose what it comes down to then, is our experience. These three extracurricular activities are only so popular because of where we have come from; what our ancestors before us had done, and what we are currently doing.

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